Welcome to Sapling Grove Press. We are a small, independent publisher of poetry, literature, and art. Our concentration is on publishing unique, substantial voices from the southern Appalachian region of America. Sapling Grove Press was founded in 2014 by Susan O'Dell Underwood and David Underwood. Susan is a poet, writer, editor, and educator. David is an artist, photographer, and educator. The married couple strives to publish a handful of thoughtful, well-crafted books each year by a variety of authors and other creatives.

The daughter of two public school teachers, Susan O'Dell Underwood is a native of Bristol, Tennessee. Her family roots extend a couple of hundred years into the rich Sullivan County, Tennessee, soil. "Sapling Grove" was the first name of the settlement which eventually became "Bristol," and that is the source of the name of our publishing company.

Although we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts or portfolios for publication consideration, query letters and other questions or comments are very welcome, via e-mail, at: info@saplinggrovepress.com.

We sell books directly to individual readers through links found here on our web site (see the "our books" section), through many types of brick & mortar bookstores, and through international distributors such as Amazon.  If you are a book buyer or manager of an independent bookstore, and you'd like to carry our books, or perhaps even schedule a reading with one of our authors, please contact us, at: info@saplinggrovepress.com. We thank you for your support.