East Tennessee native Mary Bozeman Hodges is the author of two short story collections, Tough Customers and Other Stories (1999, The Jesse Stuart Foundation), and Plastic Santa and Other Stories (2003, Iris Press). Hodges earned her BA in Classics from Washington University in St. Louis, and her Masters in Education from the University of Tennessee. She has taught English at Carson-Newman University since 1988. Deep in the Earth (Sapling Grove Press, 2018) is her first published novel.

Praise for Deep in the Earth:

In Mary Hodges’ absorbing novel, Deep in the Earth, old passions run as deep as the mines and as high as the mountains of East Tennessee—a difficult emotional terrain for her complex and carefully drawn characters to navigate. Deep in the Earth is not only a passionate love story but also a detailed picture of work in the mines and life in this small town where class and race determine many fates. You will find yourself deeply involved in these lives and loves. Deep in the Earth is that rarity—a literary page-turner. Lee Smith, author of The New York Times' bestseller, The Last Girls, and the winner of several major writing awards including the Sidney Lanier Prize for Southern Literature in 2013.

Deep in the Earth is a classic story of a boy trying to take his father's place and live his father's dream, only to be caught in the same web of classism and racism that marred his parents' lives. In authentic voices from a place she understands deeply, Mary Hodges explores the complexity of life in the zinc mines of the mountain south as extractive industry takes hold. George Ella Lyon, Kentucky Poet Laureate (2015-2016), and author of With a Hammer for My Heart.

Author photograph of Mary Bozeman Hodges by Jimmy Hodges.